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A quick update about news and articles to come soon!!

-Continental Airlines found guilty of manslaughter in the Concord trial
-Pilot Wins 300,000$ in discrimination case in Toronto; what this means for the rest of the industry

– Pilot fatigue vs nutrition
– A quick review of human factors relating to the human body, with the accompanying CARs
– Night flying and night vision
– Hypoxia
– Stress vs Performance
– Human body and hypothermia

If you are bored and really need something to read in the meantime, please visit Karlene Petitt’s blog for more great articles about the world of aviation!


About jdmarcellin

Professional pilot for a major Canadian operator. Interested in helping make a better world for all my fellow pilots out there. Passionate of aviation and all things that fly. Caution: I speak my mind loud and clear! All views are my own.


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