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TEAM Work: Training+Performance=Safety

“Without Knowledge, Skill cannot be focused. Without Skill, Strength cannot be brought to bear and without Strength, Knowledge may not be applied” – Alexander the Great’s Chief Physician The untimely tragedy of the Air France Flight 447 has left the aviation community baffled, and later scandalized over the shocking revelations shared by the investigation. What … Continue reading

TEAM Communication: Birds of a Feather

“One in four persons you meet will not get along well with you” my coworker told me one day. Really? I get along well with everybody! Mostly.. “But”, he added “I don’t know why. I just heard it and thought it was an interesting statistics”. Wait, you mean one out of four pilots I work with will cause me grief in the cockpit? Continue reading

Serve; And bring each other home. | #flying #pilots #aviation

It’s been an interesting couple of last weeks here (at work) for me. I’m really enjoying my job and I love the flying, and I love the airplane. The fact is, I think, I’m getting pretty good at what I do. And that brings on another problem where I really find myself confined in my role of First Officer where I’m stuck doing the same thing more or less every day with no real challenge. Continue reading

The Samurai Code and Me. – True service in a crew envinronment.

It really spoke to me as an individual, first, but also as a pilot. In an industry where competitors are said to even “sell their mothers for a job”, where is the line where we should simply say “enough”? In an industry where two type A personalities usually find their way in the same little enclosed space for many hours in a day, how can you build your character so that you remain respectful yet assertive in your duties?

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How Facinating!!! – Or the story of The Rumor Weed

The soft harmonics of then powerful 1200hp turbine harnessed right in front of me were almost like a quiet, soothing hush to my mind. Sitting at FL200, basking in bright rays of sunshine, I was at loss.. How could this happen? How DID this happen? Only a few days ago, a small event had occured. … Continue reading

You can’t not go because of the weather

As my poor captain dialed the number connecting him to our beloved boss, his expression went blank as our boss told him what he thought of our collective decision. He hung up the phone and remained quiet, stunned for a few moment, until finally he looked at me. “I don’t know if I should even be repeating this” he said, still struggling with the thought, “but… apparently.. we can’t NOT go because of the weather”. I stared at him, taken aback and still trying to process the sentence. You can’t not go because of the weather…

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Chuck Yeager and You – Or the Human Factor (Part 2)

I still remember laughing heartily at a small skit by the comedian Eddie Izzard. He was trying to describe his first experience as a small airplane charter client. I think the best part was when he explained in detail the small airplane, small cabin, and the single pilot who was giving a safety briefing over … Continue reading

Chuck Yeager and You – Or the Human Factor (Part 1)

So here we start digging in the heart of the subject. I think every pilot can agree that the biggest part of CRM residesin the cockpit, where he/she will have to spend the rest of his career either dealing with good/bad pilots or just complete idiots! But it goes beyond just learning to ”deal with” … Continue reading

Chuck Yeager and You – Or the Human Factor (Intro)

As Max called the item on the checklist, I responded with the appropriate setting and proceeded to set my altimeter. However, instead of confirming that his altimeter was also set as prompted, Max answered, ”My altimeter is set to 00.00! Like Chuck Yeager, I never fly under pressure!!” Continue reading