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A New Year, a New Challenge, a New Goal. | #flying #pilots #newyear

To my young friends who are in training, or even just only dreaming of one day flying as a career, this is for you:

“What you want to do, and what you can do, is limited only by what you can dream.” – Mike Melville

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Let us remember… | #911 #aviation #flying #pilots #airplanes

Pilots, please tell your kids in the coming years that there once was a time
Before this final loss of innocence
When airports were clubs not armed camps
When air travel was a mixture of fantasy and adventure
And when the image of an airplane was only art, science, and dreams
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A book, one love, sprinkle in some Aviation. Et Voilà!

Meet Nathan Carriker. Airline Pilot, Flight Instructor, Author. Oh, and I forgot: Life aficionado. I’ve met Nathan via Twitter, and quickly discovered a passionate man. He gives himself 100% in everything, and his new book is no different. But I’ll let him do the talking… Continue reading

Give and Take. And then Give some more…

Give, and take. You, then me. It’s a common addage, the human nature, a set way of dealing with people we know as well as complete strangers. Friends, family, co-workers, even bosses… But what if we could go just a little further?

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A team to save lives – Ornge featured by Airplanista Magazine

There is a new kid around the bloc. Airplanista Magasine is quikly making it’s own name in the aviation world as a top-of-the-line magasine, featuring the people working in the beautiful industry of flying. Their June issue features a front-page article about Ornge Air, Ontario’s Air Ambulance provider (and my employer!) Please visit Airplanista.com today … Continue reading

Shocking aviation news – The Criminal Concorde Case

I usually don’t delve into aviation news, as many other people already blog and research it to offer enough material to feed all the hungry pilots on the planet. However, this particular bit of news, as well as the discrimination case (see other article *coming soon*) have struck a chord home. I just can’t believe … Continue reading

Women in Aviation – Making history!

Aviation is such an amazing world! This last decade has seen so many celebrations and historic events recounted. On December 16th, 1903, the Wright Brothers made history with the first recorded powered flight! In 2003, the whole world came together to celebrate the 100th anniversary of this AMAZING event!

Now that’s some aviation news!

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The Trouble with Pilots…

Capt. Kirk: Is that all?
Scotty: No sir, they also compared you with a Denebian slime devil.
Capt. Kirk: I see.
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Interview Questions # 03: My greatest achievement

So this is a trick question… I would say there are three different answers to it. Usually, in an interview, if asked this question you would find me staring into emptiness for a minute or two, trying really hard to figure out if I really have achieved anything great with my life. Continue reading