My Core Corporate Values

As a professional pilot in a highly competitive industry, I believe that it is truly important to demark oneself from the crowd. I believe that as part of a company,  I am also an active actor in its daily successful operations. Here are my four Core Corporate Values – my work ethics and beliefs, if you would -which have been guiding me  throughout my career.

I Believe in Branding

Branding defines the corporate identity. Without Branding, there is no identity. Without identity, there is no clear definition of goals and core values. Branding clearly sets you apart from the competition, and allows you to ensure recognition and appreciation. Branding sets the corporate foundations for hiring, managing and operations. Branding opens the doors to innovation and imaginative solutions. Branding defines the employees as much as they define the Branding, promoting pride of ownership and strong work ethic. Virgin Atlantic’s owner Richard Branson states this perfectly:

The people who make up Virgin Atlantic, Make Virgin Atlantic.

I Believe in an Innovative Culture

Innovation drives modern business. Staying at the leading edge of technology and human resource management allows for a flourishing corporate culture, and opens the doors for cutting edge business solutions.  Innovation means allowing new forms of collaboration, imaginative problem solving and active involvement of every employee in the business and brand representation. Innovation means constantly raising the bar to ensure the best business and customer solutions.

I Believe in Personalized Customer Care Solutions

Branding defines corporate identity. Corporate Identity drives Innovative Culture. From an Innovative Culture derives Personalized Customer Care Solutions. In reality, Branding is really defined by the success of the customer care solutions. Only in thriving to truly understand and answer to the individual clients’ needs can a business really set itself apart from its competitors.

I Believe in Character Integrity above Technical Skills

While it may take only a few weeks or months to acquire the technical skills required for a job, Character Integrity and Core Personal values take a lifetime to develop. Find the right people for the right job is easy. Find the right people for the Brand and Culture is the real challenge. True Integrity of character will guarantee the employer as well as the clients the best product and service quality there can be, while promoting core values within the corporate culture as honesty and mutual respect.



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