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TEAM Awareness: Aviate, Navigate, Communicate.

Another flash. The night seemed like day for a fraction of a second, as once light streaked through the sky.  As we raced between clouds and rain, it was hard to tell how far – or how close – it had been. Looking back on the night, it really hadn’t started badly. But it still … Continue reading

A New Year, a New Challenge, a New Goal. | #flying #pilots #newyear

To my young friends who are in training, or even just only dreaming of one day flying as a career, this is for you:

“What you want to do, and what you can do, is limited only by what you can dream.” – Mike Melville

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Serve; And bring each other home. | #flying #pilots #aviation

It’s been an interesting couple of last weeks here (at work) for me. I’m really enjoying my job and I love the flying, and I love the airplane. The fact is, I think, I’m getting pretty good at what I do. And that brings on another problem where I really find myself confined in my role of First Officer where I’m stuck doing the same thing more or less every day with no real challenge. Continue reading

Let us remember… | #911 #aviation #flying #pilots #airplanes

Pilots, please tell your kids in the coming years that there once was a time
Before this final loss of innocence
When airports were clubs not armed camps
When air travel was a mixture of fantasy and adventure
And when the image of an airplane was only art, science, and dreams
Not the building and the fire and the shower of fragments Continue reading

The art of missing

“Pulse 101 MEDIVAC, in case of a missed approach, you are cleared to climb and maintain 11,000′, proceed direct to the YTS VOR”. Sounds familiar in some way? I certainly hope so! Everybody has heard the old addage a good landing starts with a stabilized approach. But every instrument rated pilot also knows that a … Continue reading

A landing you can walk away from – What to know about the most demanding phase of your flight (Part 3)

I remember one day getting one of the best compliments of my flying career. I had just battled strong, gusty crosswinds and a little bit of windshear, and finally welcomed with relief the sound of one of my main tires touching the pavement. Then the other. The battle was over. As I was helping my … Continue reading

A landing you can walk away from – What to know about the most demanding phase of your flight (Part 2)

Blue skies.. nothing but blue skies smiling at me! Can you say I’m ready for summer? If there is one season I love above all, it is the season of warm temperatures, long day-light and short-sleeves flying! Sadly, the same season more often than not also means thunderstorms, accompanied by heavy rainfalls. I can remember … Continue reading

A landing you can walk away from – What to know about the most demanding phase of your flight (Part 1)

Remember your first landing? Like – EVER? I do. It was not really a magic moment I should say. More like a… very down to earth thing. (I couldn’t resist!) But jokes appart, the one thing I remember about that day was how meticulously my flight instructor checked the weather, winds, etc. to insure a … Continue reading

When the sun comes up in the desert – A reflection on the true gift of Christmas

I heard this story years ago and it almost brought tears to my eyses.. Today I’d like to share it with you in the spirit of Christmas. When the Sun Comes Up In the Desert

Lucky??? – Plane humor for pilots

Big Iron engine and airplane company announced the first flight of the new Razzle 200 airliner. Chief test pilot Frank Lee Candid emerged from the cockpit shaken, dripping with sweat. He tried to muster a smile for the cameras and blurted out, “Damn, I’m happy to be alive.” Regaining his composure, he said the airplane … Continue reading