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When “Pretty Please” just doesn’t cut it: a look into modern hiring for #pilots | #aviation #flying #HR #CRM

I’ve dreamed of it. I’ve worked all my life for it. I’ve sacrificed for it, I’ve loved it, I’ve WANTED it. And now I have it. Let me introduce myself: J.D.M,  Professional Pilot. Greek mythology tells of a young man who, like you and me, once dreamed of flying – Icarus. His dream was so … Continue reading

Give and Take. And then Give some more…

Give, and take. You, then me. It’s a common addage, the human nature, a set way of dealing with people we know as well as complete strangers. Friends, family, co-workers, even bosses… But what if we could go just a little further?

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My Core Corporate Values

As a professional pilot in a highly competitive industry, I believe that it is truly important to demarcate oneself from the crowd. Continue reading