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TEAM Work: Training+Performance=Safety

“Without Knowledge, Skill cannot be focused. Without Skill, Strength cannot be brought to bear and without Strength, Knowledge may not be applied” – Alexander the Great’s Chief Physician The untimely tragedy of the Air France Flight 447 has left the aviation community baffled, and later scandalized over the shocking revelations shared by the investigation. What … Continue reading

TEAM Assessment: The problem with the Problem.

Every journey begins with the discovery of self. Situational awareness is important. Not to be confused with sympathy – possessing the ability to listen effectively and accurately enough to put yourself in the other person’s shoes. This is not necessarily to agree with them, but to truly understand the situation from their point-of-view in order … Continue reading

T.E.A.M.: A fresh look into #CRM | #flying #pilots #aviation

Was I daring? – or simply doing my job?… I pondered as I waited for the hangar door to open. I accepted the trip based on our company’s SOPs and my own comfort level, knowing full well that although the ride would be rough, it would none-the-less be safe. Continue reading

A landing you can walk away from – What to know about the most demanding phase of your flight (Part 1)

Remember your first landing? Like – EVER? I do. It was not really a magic moment I should say. More like a… very down to earth thing. (I couldn’t resist!) But jokes appart, the one thing I remember about that day was how meticulously my flight instructor checked the weather, winds, etc. to insure a … Continue reading

Shocking aviation news – The Criminal Concorde Case

I usually don’t delve into aviation news, as many other people already blog and research it to offer enough material to feed all the hungry pilots on the planet. However, this particular bit of news, as well as the discrimination case (see other article *coming soon*) have struck a chord home. I just can’t believe … Continue reading

Smart Apps for Smart Pilots

With an ever-growing list of technological tools put at their disposition, pilots all around the world are offered a great array of applications and programs that can be downloaded and installed in a moment on their iPhones as well as the new Android smartphones available. Having just myself made the acquisition of an Android-based smartphone, … Continue reading