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GPS Approaches – The Why, The How, The Ugly (Part 2)

I recently had the “pleasure” to complete my yearly recurrent ride. As it happens, our fleet of PC12NGs is getting a software update, which will eventually allow us to complete LPVs approaches virtually everywhere. Although we (the company) have been able and trained to conduct LNAV approaches where applicable, the introduction of VNAV/LPV technology brings … Continue reading

GPS Approaches – The Why, The How, The Ugly (Part 1)

How many of us are guilty of conducting a GPS-based approach for it’s convenience, without really understanding the underlying principles or knowing all the pertaining regulations? I, for one… GPS use has become so widespread and easy to acquire (even through dash-mounted modules) that you will meet very few pilots who have not used it … Continue reading

The art of missing

“Pulse 101 MEDIVAC, in case of a missed approach, you are cleared to climb and maintain 11,000′, proceed direct to the YTS VOR”. Sounds familiar in some way? I certainly hope so! Everybody has heard the old addage a good landing starts with a stabilized approach. But every instrument rated pilot also knows that a … Continue reading

Men’s Laws – The Male Commandements

I was going through my computer and lo and behold, came across this archived file…! I present to you.. the Men’s Laws! I edited some of it because, well, they wanted to give it a ”R” rating otherwise 😛