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Brain Teaser: Vertical Profile | #Flying

Situation: You are on the final approach course to a major international airport in a light turbine aircraft. ATC is keeping you high and fast to blend you with the arriving heavy jet traffic on this busy hour of the day. At the last minute, you are issued a visual approach clearance. However, you are … Continue reading

A landing you can walk away from – What to know about the most demanding phase of your flight (Part 2)

Blue skies.. nothing but blue skies smiling at me! Can you say I’m ready for summer? If there is one season I love above all, it is the season of warm temperatures, long day-light and short-sleeves flying! Sadly, the same season more often than not also means thunderstorms, accompanied by heavy rainfalls. I can remember … Continue reading

Kiss my asphalt

You can ask any pilot around the world, flying any type of airplane. There is no better satisfaction than to finish a long day’s worth of flying with a real “kisser”, literally touching down on the runway with the softness of a romantic kiss in the sunset… no really!!! Continue reading